Grace Nelson

I am Grace Nelson. I believe that operating our City is like running a family.

I ran as a candidate for the position as the Councillor for Ward 6 in the City of Calgary.  I placed 6th in a field of 8 Candidates. I intend to try again in 2021. In the interim I intend to help in the development of new economic opportunities for Calgarians through the development of a business that I partially own, and work to the benefit of all Calgarians in any capacity that I am called to serve.

I am a sixth generation Canadian, a descendant of Sir John Woodcock – an English Knight. No wonder defending the rights of others comes naturally to me! Also, I am a grandchild of Ukrainian immigrants, who fled war and famine.  My mother inspired me. She had to defend her personal rights from violence against women at a time in Canadian history, when women belonged to their husbands’ and did not have an independent voice.

After receiving my Bachelor of Education Degree from the University of Manitoba.  I made a significant contribution as a certified school teacher, mostly in Calgary schools. Because I always strive to make things better, I have been involved with leadership and policy making in my work for many school, community associations, non-profit and condominium boards, including the Alberta Teachers` Association.

Recently, I received the Bolide Award from the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada – Calgary Centre. I am honoured to be recognized as a volunteer fireball for Calgary!

I have led multiple fundraising events. The result has been the funding of programs that would otherwise not exist. Goal-setting is a key part of my work as an entrepreneur, educator, athlete, mother, sales representative and humanitarian. My maturity and experience has prepared me for Calgary City Council and that is why it is important to elect me now.

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