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Donate to support Grace’s Campaign for Ward 6 Councillor – City of Calgary

We are looking for donations to support Grace Nelson – Ward 6 Calgary Councillor Candidate. In the past, successful municipal election campaigns have required the contribution of a significant amount of funds and we need your help in accomplishing this. New campaign rules stipulate that most funds must be raised from donors and or your organization to help us achieve this goal.

Grace has been practicing open communication with the residents in Ward 6. There is a high degree of interest and acceptance among the residents who want to have her as their representative on City Council. As Councillor, she will be entering Chambers with no pre-conceived agendas, but with flexible plans given to her by the people of the Ward. Her intention is to make Calgary and its communities a safer place to work and play, so that the fabric of families remain strong in each of their neighborhoods’.

Grace Nelson, has been a role model throughout her lifetime. She knows the City of Calgary very well, as she has lived, raised her family, taught school and ran businesses here, over the past 40 years. For the past decade, she has been self-employed and has endured the boom and bust cycles that seem to be a part of living here. Grace has sat as a volunteer on many Boards of Directors, lead and worked on several volunteer committees and charitable, non-profit, registered organizations. She has been involved with politics in some form at all levels of Government over this time.

Now, Grace is ready to take on a higher level of responsibility, as she continues her service to Calgarians, the City she loves. Grace’s lifetime of service comes from her desire to stand up and defend the rights for all people. This is the root for her passion to run for office now.

We have determined that the people are most interested in choosing someone who is an advocate for them in expressing their needs before the City and its government. We thank you for your time and support in advance to getting Grace Nelson elected as Councillor. We accept donations by: cash, cheque, credit card, PayPal and email money transfer.

If you desire to meet with Grace, personally, we can arrange a meeting at the earliest convenience.  Please contact the office or visit our website for any additional information.


Campaign Office for Grace Nelson Councillor Candidate – Ward 6


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Donations of $100 or more will be disclosed.
Please note that individual donations must not exceed $5,000.

Moon-rise as seen from the Hill above Sarcee Trail in the Ward

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