I am Grace Nelson, and I would like to convince you to vote for me for City Councillor – representing the communities in Ward 6 SW Calgary.
To make this City work better, we all need to do our homework. Here is part of my plan.

Charity begins at home. Keep employment here before we seek other professionals and experts from outside our city. Let’s ensure we have given our homegrown talent a chance to work with us. Also, potential bidders should disclose to the public, the percentage of sourcing of local goods, materials and services.

Effective communication between businesses, City departments, and Neighborhoods. Residents want to be more engaged in decision at planning and implementing stages of our infrastructure projects. Effective communication between stakeholders can avoid   disappointments and negative response to projects at approval and completion stages. Recent examples are: public art and sculpture, Seniors’ Associations, the South West Ring Road, more traffic lights, affordable housing, construction, secondary suites, direct light fixtures, traffic concerns, Parks and Recreation, public events draw. Let us know that clearly, we can do better.

Preserve the institutions that have made us unique. Our hospitals, the Saddledome, Olympics Training Facilities, museums and post-secondary institutions are just some of the institutions which shape our Calgary identity. Let’s maintain that friendly Western hospitality and show the world that we welcome diversity and inclusiveness. Visitors and new arrivals to our city make important contributions to our economy. We want to keep moving forward while ensuring we maintain our peaceful lifestyle.

Maintain Calgary as a resilient, prosperous and thriving City. Our frequent boom, flood, burn and bust cycles must not continue or we will lose the soul of the City. We need to be more resilient and diversified economically, so we don’t feel the pinch. Our empty business spaces need to be filled with businesses that can sell their services and products to an employed market. Lower taxes on small businesses and provide easy access to these establishments. We must make our transit system efficient.  Long travel times are unacceptable.  Residents should not have to pay high admission costs to visit the interactive Museums. We must have quick access to a Reserve Emergency fund when disaster hits and be well prepared for such events.

Encourage research and education initiatives. As we transition to an environmentally sustainable lifestyle, Calgary needs encouragement in research and education to make this possible and to create jobs in this City that I love. This includes implementing policies that encourage safe and affordable housing for all demographics.

These ideas and suggestions were given to me by the thousands of households that I have visited over this campaign period.

Let us continue to share our wisdom and our vision for Calgary.

Go with Grace!

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