Pledge to all Sports Moms and Dads in Ward 6

I, Grace Nelson make this pledge to all the Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Lacrosse, Football and Sports Moms and Dads: I pledge that as Councillor for Ward 6 I will immediately initiate work with Council to ensure the building of a Multi Use Indoor Sports Facility in Ward 6 as a top recreational and sports priority for our Ward 6. This Facility will accommodate a multitude of sports. This Facility will enable you and your children to access physical sports all year round. Leagues will be able to play all year round. The school systems will be able to utilize them during the week-days as well as seniors and citizen groups. It will keep you healthy, fit and well.  Less Travel Time, More Family Time.

VOTE Grace Nelson Ward 6 Councillor on Oct. 16



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