All About VIP Clubs In Online Casinos

What Is A VIP Club?

A VIP club (or a loyalty program) is some kind of encouragement for existing customers. By creating a VIP club, an online casino tries to reward the most loyal customers and attract new ones. By participating in a loyalty program, you can receive additional rewards for reaching new ranks and levels. Reaching the levels is pretty easy – you need to play slots and other games available as much as possible. Seeing your activity, casino administration will reward you with new titles (which, by the way, will be seen by all other players), cash prizes, and free spins. 

How To Join A VIP Club?

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To join a loyalty program, you only need to place your first bet. After that, you will achieve the 1st level and you get an opportunity to earn points and move up the hierarchy. At least this is the system in most online casinos. In some, however, you will need to earn the title of VIP client by earning a certain number of points and fulfilling a certain number of conditions which can vary depending on the site. Also, there are VIP programs that you can join only after another player or the casino administration sends you an invitation.

By the way, the names of the levels strongly vary in different online casinos! Thus, for example, in one, you can start your gambling career as a cabin boy, and in the other – a commoner. Upon reaching new levels, you can get other, more pleasant titles. By offering such names, online casinos are trying to interest you in participating.

Comp Casino Points

Shortly put, comp points are the main currency of loyalty programs. By earning them, you can achieve higher levels and get better rewards from the administration. In some venues, when a certain number of such points have been accumulated, they can be exchanged for cash or some other kind of reward (free spins, higher withdrawal limits, or something like that).

What Rewards Can VIP Users Receive?

The range of prizes for VIP clients is usually very wide. Thus, Mason Slots and other online casinos can offer cool things like:

  • Increased withdrawal limits;
  • The bigger percentage of cashback
  • Faster cash outs;
  • More favorable wagering requirements;
  • Virtual cash;
  • Real money prizes; 
  • Exclusive rewards such as the service of a personal manager, access to limited VIP offers, cars, and some personal gifts and bonuses.

Several Facts About Loyalty Programs

  • As statistics show, online casino customers prefer to exchange points accumulated within the VIP program for money and not for other rewards;
  • Usually, the first 10 levels won’t bring you big rewards. However, the higher you climb the hierarchy, the cooler the prizes will be. On the last level, you can get several hundred thousand dollars!
  • Some online casinos give trips to other countries as a reward for reaching certain ranks.

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