Online casino night at home: the best tips

If you like it a little more private, you should know which online casinos are reputable and of high quality, what to look out for in general – and of course how to create the right atmosphere. Here are tips for a successful, relaxed and glamorous casino evening at home.

First Things First: Go for serious gambling!

Serious gambling is a very popular activity among people, because here they can experience a certain excitement and try out exciting games at the same time. Whereas 20 or 30 years ago gambling options were limited to casinos and arcades, today gambling can be done conveniently via app or online casino. Luxurious wardrobe? Special opening hours? All that is eliminated and supplemented by perfect online entertainment.

A good location for serious gambling is the Jackpot City Casino Switzerland. A wide variety of table games, slots and live games await the user. When registering, new customers are also granted a nice welcome bonus that makes the first rounds particularly profitable. Fairness prevails at this casino and many other online casinos. Those who sign up here can count on transparent support and fair deposit and withdrawal conditions.

What does the welcome bonus mean?

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Many online casinos offer their new customers a so-called welcome bonus. This means (as a rule) that a certain deposit amount is subsidised by the casino. For example, the welcome offer could be that a deposit of 100 dollars is rewarded with a bonus of 100 percent. The player then receives 200 dollars in his account instead of the deposited 100 dollars.

It should be noted that the welcome bonus must be wagered. This means that the player has to use it and wager it several times before the balance can actually be paid out. This is not a rip-off, but a normal procedure of online casinos. It is important to make sure that the offer is reputable, as in the case of the Swiss online casino mentioned above. The turnover requirements must remain realistic, otherwise the effect of the bonus is zero.

The choice also determines the quality of the online casino!

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When it comes to checking the quality of an online casino, the selection of games plays a big role. If you want to visit a mobile casino from home, you don’t want to deal with the same games every day. A variety of slot providers, several table games and the opportunity to try out new games ensure long-term customer satisfaction. The Swiss provider manages this well and ensures that a wide range of interests are served.

Another interesting aspect for players is whether progressive jackpots are available. These are played out on slots. A slot that pays out a jackpot only yields a small profit during normal play. The stakes are added to the jackpot so that it keeps increasing. At some point, randomly triggered by a random number generator, the jackpot is paid out.

Other slots that do not have a jackpot pay out winnings more frequently during regular play. It depends on the type of game you choose. However, the offerings here online are so much more varied than three or four existing slots one encounters in regional arcades. The variety, the seriousness and the possibilities are what make online games so popular.

…and now to the nice things: Dress code and atmosphere at a casino night at home

First of all, a casino evening at home, whether online or offline, needs to be celebrated. That’s why we recommend: Dress up! Put on something chic. A suit, perhaps, or just a nice pair of cloth trousers. You certainly don’t want to play roulette in sweatpants. It won’t get you in the mood. In case you need inspiration.

Make sure you have the right drinks! This should never be missing from an elegant casino evening!  James Bond, for example, always drank his martini at the gaming table – shaken (of course), not stirred. Fancy something a little more unusual? Great! Here are some ideas for the latest trend drinks.

Put yourself back in your mind to your last visit to a struggling casino. Well? Do you notice anything? That’s right: no matter whether it’s Monaco or Baden-Baden: Traditional casinos always have that special, elegant atmosphere. You can also create this atmosphere at home. With the right tricks. First of all, dim the lights a little. Nobody likes to play in bright light. And: Have some music playing in the background. Piano perhaps or oldies?

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