Splitting the Bank and Creating Betting Units

You may have heard about bankroll management… some sell bankroll management in a wrong way, as just a division of 50 or 100 units…

When in fact that split is just one part of bankroll management (“X of the Question” about Bankroll Management) and that’s what I’ll cover in this article for you. The division of your bankroll, and the management of the stakes of it in order to make an investment is fundamental to achieve consistency in this world of betting.

In the topics below I will explain what is the division of bankroll and stake management:

The importance of dividing your bankroll, and the importance of your stake management according to your profile…And of course I will teach you how to make this division and management of the correct lie.

What is bankroll splitting?


The split bankroll is nothing more than dividing the capital you have set aside to invest in sports betting – Sports Betting – Fun or Investment?

That balance that you deposited in the bookmaker, or left allocated in your e-wallet or bank account.

This division is for you not to lose the capital you set aside to invest in sports betting… It’s important to pay attention to this… bankroll division is made to not lose your capital.

It’s different from using a betting strategy to get profit, taking into account the expected value of a particular bet.

There are many people out there that confuse bankroll management with bankroll division… you will see or have seen, topics like “how to do a bankroll management” and then they will recommend you a division of 50, or 100 units…

Bankroll division is just a part of bankroll management, bankroll management is something more complex… it’s basically risk management. Without a bankroll split, you will go broke and lose all your capital, so anyone who wants to be a professional punter or at least have a consistency here, has to use it and respect it always.

Well, now that you know what is bankroll splitting, you are now ready to know how to do it.

How To Make A Banking Division

Banking Division

Good friend… here is the following, we will have to go to the maths side… It is impossible to do a banking division without at least knowing the basics of mathematics.

Knowing that… let’s use some variables that we control in our betting and sports trading spreadsheet.

In case you don’t use one, I recommend creating one… because it is fundamental, in the same way that a management, division or even the expected value of a bet is important for a consistent bettor.

A simple way to divide your bankroll is just to find and use your win rate as a parameter. For example… if you have a 50% win rate in a considerable sample of bets, using a certain model, and a certain expected value…


Now you know what is and how to apply your bankroll division and stake management… You know the importance of using both to have consistency in the sports betting world.

Try to take the trouble to know yourself, know your profile… if you are conservative, moderate or aggressive… And then implement a betting strategy that suits your profile and your model.

I hope you enjoyed the article…

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