Scalping In Sports Betting And Trading

What few know is that, in the financial market, there is a strategy a little less widespread, but which serves a similar purpose. I am referring to scalping, it is a term that is easy to memorize and simple to understand.

 Scalping in betting is nothing more than exposing your capital (money) during a small moment of oscillation of asset prices (stocks), with the objective of extracting a small/medium percentage of profit through the market oscillation.

This Blogis not an investment broker or a company focused on day trade, I do not see any sense in focusing too much on the concept of scalping in the stock market. What is worthwhile, however, is to understand how scalping works in betting and sports trading.

As you may already know, practically all the techniques and strategies used in sports betting originate from the financial market. This, in fact, was the means of entry for many people in the bookmakers.

Because of this, it is natural that most of the terms and nomenclatures that we use in betting are originated from the terms and nomenclatures used in the stock market. And one of these terms originated from the financial market is precisely scalping.

As I said in a previous paragraph, scalping has as main objective to profit over a market oscillation, necessarily in a short space of time. Ok Felipe, but how does that apply to betting and sports trading?

It’s simple. In the same way that the stock market prices vary, the odds offered by the bookmakers also vary. And this oscillation tendency is even greater in the sports betting exchanges, the most known of them being Betfair.

Sports Betting Exchanges


In sports betting exchanges, where instead of betting against the house, we bet against other bettors, the oscillation of odds is very common. This is because at every moment there are people proposing entries in Back (For) or Lay (Against).

With such variation, it was a matter of time for some people from the financial market to realize that the scalping technique could be applied in betting and sports trading.

From then on this strategy became one of the most used by those who work in the Under Limit, Match Odds and also in the Correct Score market – How odds work in sports betting

You must be wondering how you can use the scalping technique to profit in these markets mentioned. I promise to answer that, but first I have to remind you of something very important.

Even though blog was founded a few years ago, it has already become one of the biggest sports betting and trading portals in the country.

Scalping And Trading Techniques

Sports Trading

 Back to the main subject of this article, I promised to explain how we can use the scalping technique in sports betting and trading. And that’s what I intend to do now. Unlike what most of the materials spread around the internet preach, scalping is not restricted only to Betfair (most reliable and famous sports exchange in the world).

 We can use it in traditional bookmakers such as 1xbet, Betano and bet365. For this, you need to develop a keen game reading and also understand the principles of scalping.

And what are these principles, Felipe? The first, and most important of them, is to keep in mind that you will not make big profits in the short/medium term using this strategy. One of the main characteristics of scalping is the short time we are exposed to the market – Which market fits your profile?

The objective of scalping, as already mentioned in previous paragraphs, is to take advantage of the odds oscillation to get a small percentage of profit.

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