Marketing tips for the special casino experience

The bonus, of course, is that you offer other people the platform to try the gambling games you love yourself. However, it is not that easy to establish yourself as a new online casino – so how can you do successful marketing to become successful here accordingly? This article provides tips on how to do this.

Why it is so difficult for newcomers

Why is it so difficult for new online casinos to become successful? Well, first of all, it’s because of the sheer number of providers. Since the web has made casino gambling global, it is not surprising that many want to ride the wave of success. In the past few years, a lot of players have been registered – a few years ago there were already more than 350,000, and the trend is still upwards. However, it is difficult to give exact figures here, which is simply due to the mass of providers. However, it is quite certain that it is a market worth billions.

It is difficult for beginners because they have to have a certain financial security that allows them to pay out winnings properly. Most beginners already fail at this task – not even thinking about marketing, since it is about the basic tasks that every company has to fulfil, regardless of whether it is an online casino or not.

Use social media

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Anyone who does not use social media today is doing bad marketing. This message is as simple as it is correct. Especially beginners on the online casino market need first and foremost to be known in order to attract customers. This is because they inherently have some disadvantages that most “real” shops do not suffer from – they lack the opportunity to shine by offering on-site advice or to retain customers by offering a sympathy bonus. For this reason, and because your own budget is usually not very high at the beginning, you should use Facebook, Instagram and the like with particular care and good planning.

It is very important not to just post randomly. If you want to be successful in social media marketing, you have to work with visual stimuli and not bore potential customers with a single post every few months. Regularity is the be-all and end-all here! The reason for this is actually obvious, but just to explain: due to the permanent flooding of the feeds of social media, the attention block of most users has been shortened quite a bit. The offer of practically everything is the standard nowadays, and this also applies to online casinos – in a world completely flooded with offers, it is quite difficult to stand out as one of many.

Attractiveness is generated by videos, photos and other information – but they should be casino-related and occasionally have a lifestyle slant. Social media now appeals to a significant part of the population and is therefore perfectly suited to appeal to rather non-gambling groups. This opportunity should definitely be seized! Because especially when players have already made a long-term commitment to an online casino, it is extremely difficult to convince them of the advantages of the portal to which they have become accustomed.

Appear serious

The internet is teeming with dodgy providers who throw around dubious offers and whose websites are sometimes teeming with spelling mistakes. However, it should be in the company’s interest to present itself and its company in a serious manner. By the way, this also includes a serious approach to the protection of minors. In this respect, the legislation is very clear and unambiguous. The same applies to promises that cannot be kept under any circumstances. Customers see through bonuses in adventurous amounts in no time at all, and quite rightly so.

By the way, a serious appearance also includes data encryption according to current standards. If unauthorised customer data gets into the hands of third parties, this may not only ruin your own business, but may also be relevant for law enforcement.

Making attractive offers

Marketing tips in casino

By the way, making attractive offers does not only mean offering bonuses. It means setting high standards in general. A valid licence is an attractive offer, because this shows that it is a reputable company and not a windy event. A well-functioning support demonstrates that one treats customer needs with the necessary seriousness and is always ready to act in case of problems. Some providers, make an exemplary impression in this respect and even offer chat windows to demonstrate their willingness to help customers.


Despite all the problems and difficulties, you should not be deterred from launching your own online casino. With good offers, an open ear for constructive suggestions and the necessary patience until success comes, you can still make it.

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